Planning your move, start early, using Burris Transfer will help take the stress out of moving, avoid surprises.

Relocation process can take up to 120 days. You need to plan and organize your move. Remember that summers are the busiest times, so contact us early if your move is in the summer.


Remember to include them in plans, have them pack a special box of “their” items. Talk about their “concerns” about the move. Small children may be better with friends or family the day the house is packed, to make it easier, plan a fun day try to make the move an adventure.


Animals cannot be moved on the truck. Make sure on the day of the move they are safe and secure where they will not be in the way of movers. If your pets are not traveling with you make arrangements for their transportation early as they will need records and up to date tags and immunizations.


Plants should not be moved. Many states quarantine plants. If you must move plants we recommend you take them personally.

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