In today’s transient society, it is sometimes difficult to cultivate and maintain lasting friendships. Neighborhoods are filled with people who live such busy lives, that just getting to know the neighbor next door presents a challenge for some. Most people find that it is well worth the effort and that quality, lasting relationships can result.

When these relationships are threatened when one of the parties makes the decision to relocate, it does not necessarily mean the end of a valuable friendship. It does require a commitment from both friends to keep in touch regardless of distance and possible time-zone differences. Long distance relationships can easily be achieved and maintained, but it does take a concerted effort on both sides.

Technological Assistance
There are many high-tech methods of staying in touch regardless of location in the world. Almost everyone maintains an email address and many have access to instant messaging. Computers make staying in touch so easy, which helps those who move and their friends adjust to the distance between them.

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram offer chat, as well as just posting current status for all friends to see. Skype and FaceTime provide highly valued visuals. Just seeing the face of a dear friend or neighbor can brighten the day and help erase the loneliness of being apart.

Landlines and Cell Phones
Most phone companies offer plans that are conducive to staying in touch across the miles. Just picking up the phone to make a call or sending a text message only takes a few minutes and can easily be fit into anyone’s busy schedule. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday living and forget to keep in touch with those who move away. Staying in touch is a give-and-take situation. It takes combined effort from both people to maintain a healthy relationship, even at a distance. Taking the initiative is worth the effort.

Write Letters and Send Gifts
Writing letters has almost become a lost art. Before technology began to dominate communication, letter writing was the main source of contact with old friends and neighbors. Some say they find it hard, but for others it offers the most intimate way to stay in touch.

It does require a little extra effort to keep writing materials and stamps on hand for when the urge strikes to write down the events of the day or keep a friend up-to-date on happenings in the former neighborhood or city. Inexpensive cards, gifts and family photographs keep old friends and neighbors connected in a positive way.

Meet the Challenge and Reap Rewards
When a relationship with a neighbor or friend is important enough to keep, even from a distance, it can easily be achieved. Those who are left behind and those who have moved on to a different life, will discover a new and different relationship that continues to grow in spite of the distance. Staying in touch on a regular basis helps both adjust to the difficulties of being apart by remaining life-long friends.

Reach out to stay in touch: Keeping in touch with old friends

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