Make the new city your homeWhen you move to a new city, you probably feel excitement about starting a new chapter in your life, but may feel uneasy about finding new friends and joining into a new community. These are normal feelings — and here are ideas to help you to quickly find where you belong in your new home.

Use the internet

It may sound like the obvious answer but you can gain a wealth of information about your new location by using sites like Google maps, Facebook, Twitter and other places people leave reviews & recommendations.

Unlike days of old where no one knew where you ate, now all 843 friends on Facebook and 2,688 followers on Twitter know that we enjoyed a burger at Fred’s or hated the waitress at Luigi’s.

  1. Start out by searching for restaurants and shops with google maps centered on your new home. This will at least give you a place to buy essentials and grab a bite to eat. Ultimately, these places might not be your preferred places to shop or dine, but they are a starting place to explore.
  1. Next, ask your friends and followers on social media. Recommendations from other people you have common interests with can be a gold mine.
  1. Once you find a place to try, see if you can find reviews by other visitors.

Take a drive or a walk

moving to a new city

Sometimes the best way to get to know a place is to simply get out and explore it. Once you’ve found the grocery store, drive to the next major road and follow it for a mile or two. The next day go the opposite direction. Or you can take a different route home from work.

Focus on your hobbies

Maintaining your hobbies after your move is important for your mental health and to help you settle into your new home. Finding jogging paths, taking a class at your local art center, volunteering for charities, etc. will get you out and about in your new community and help you meet people who share your interests at the same time.

Above all, give yourself time to learn about your new home. Be patient and proactive and soon you’ll learn to love your new city or town.

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Making your new city home your new home

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