Local moving tips

A recent study showed that, overall, the number of local moves has increased. In 2012, 31.3% of all U. S. moves were local and, in 2014, that figure is up to 36.5%. If you’re a Texan, this is especially relevant since the state with the second most local moves in the nation in 2014 happens to be . . . Texas.

If you’re planning a local move, here are some tips:

Moving tip #1: think autumn!

If you’ve got some flexibility on timing, consider a fall move. It’s cooler and movers are likely to be less busy than in the peak summer months. If you’re moving late enough in the fall that leaves are on the ground, make sure that you rake well early on moving day so that no one slips, falls and gets hurt.

Local moving tips 2

Fall moves have advantages!

Moving tip #2: ease transitions

If you’ve got children, a local move can be easier on them because you can let them see the house, explore the neighborhood parks and otherwise get them acclimated to the area before moving. That isn’t so easy with a cross-country move! If you can, also let them see their new school, if it’s different from their current one, and perhaps even meet their teachers.

Moving tip #3: choose the Texas moving company with a solid reputation

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Local moving tips: plan your Texas move

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