1st time moversCongratulations! Whether you’re moving to an apartment, house or office, your first move is a big event that has a significant impact on your life. First time movers often make mistakes that can cause short- and long-term problems during and after the move that result in unwanted frustrations and additional costs.

What are the most important things you need to know?

Schedule in advance

The best way to make your move go smoothly is by scheduling appointments for things like address and utility changes as far in advance of the move as possible. Typically, you should start this process two to three months in advance. With utilities, for example, calling ahead can help you obtain instructions on what you need to do to schedule a date to transfer and/or shut off service.

Scheduling your move with moving companies should also be scheduled in advance, as many moving companies have heavily booked schedules, calling ahead can also help guarantee that you won’t be desperately searching for a mover and paying a lot more than normal to schedule a last minute appointment.

Have insurance up to date

Items can slide around in boxes and in the back of trucks and vans. They can also accidentally fall on people Packing boxesand property. Invest in moving insurance so that you won’t have to pay for medical expenses or item repair/replacement out of pocket. Some moving companies offer insurance, but always read any agreements in full to make certain that you receive coverage that fits your needs. Ask us for details about the insurance we offer.

Plan the packing process

Before you pack, take photographs of every room and create room item lists. Photos and lists are great evidence for insurance claims. They can also serve as references that will help you unpack faster after the move.

Keep organized

Experts recommend that movers keep all of their scheduled appointments, moving-related documentation and contact information in one place such as an envelope-style plastic binder or ringed binder. Some people use both types: They maintain an envelope-style binder for documents like lists and contracts that they need to hand to movers or real estate agents, and they maintain a ringed binder for a hard copy of their calendar, contact numbers and room-by-room lists.

By planning, protecting and organizing your move, you will find that it isn’t all that difficult. This is your first stay organized when packingmove, so enjoy it. Remember, it may be your first move, but likely will not be your last. So, take the lessons you learn and store them in your memory to make your next move even easier.

Burris Transfer and Storage Co can get you moved in an organized, efficient manner. It may be your first time moving, but it isn’t ours! Call us today at 409.838.0126 for a free quote.


First time movers – What to know when you know nothing

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