House cleaning tipsWhen moving into a new home, it’s natural to want to start out with a totally clean slate and do a thorough scrubbing of your new place. But don’t worry, getting your new place ready to live in does not have to be a time consuming process. If you take take this list one step at a time, you can have a clean new home in no time!

Start in the kitchen, as this is one of the places that gets the most use.

  • Dust the top of cabinets, first. Then, clean off the shelves and drawers. Wipe down the fronts. Wipe all the drawer knobs and pulls with disinfecting wipes.
  • Clean out the oven and wipe down the stove top.
  • Wipe down the front of the fridge and the inside shelves and drawers.
  • Give the sink a quick scrub and wipe down all the countertops.
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

Next, it’s on to the bathrooms. This is an important step, but one most people don’t like very Clean with organized methodsmuch. Nevertheless, put in the time to get these areas clean before moving in.

  • Dust the vents, bathroom fans and light fixtures.
  • Wipe out the medicine cabinet and any cabinets under the sink. Give the mirror and cabinet fronts a quick cleaning as well.
  • Scrub the sink and bathtub/shower.
  • Wipe down the countertops.
  • Scrub the toilet.
  • Sweep and mop the bathroom floor.

Dont get stressed with house cleaningOkay, the hardest work is done! Now it’s onto the main living areas like the bedrooms and living-room or den.

  • Dust any ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Check all the corners of the rooms for spiderwebs and remove as necessary.
  • Wash window blinds or window coverings.
  • Wipe down window and door moldings as well as the doors themselves.
  • Disinfect all door handles and stair banisters.
  • Sweep/mop or vacuum all floors.

While this may seem like a good deal of work, it actually should only take a couple of hours and one person can easily manage this checklist. The payoff of starting your new life out in a clean home will be worth it!

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Cleaning your new home with minimal effort

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