Here, you’ll find strategies to make your moving experience smoother and easier – even hassle free. We’ll provide tips for moving your family and/or your business, and more.

Residential moves

residential moving

Tips to make moving your family easier

As just a taste of what we’ll share, here are some things to do at least one month before your actual move:

  • Create a folder on your computer to store all of the information you collect for your move online. Use a legal-sized envelope to keep all of your physical receipts and documents in one place.
  • If you’re moving for a job, make sure you’re clear about what moving expenses will be covered by your employer – and what documentation you’ll need to be reimbursed.
  • Hold a garage sale and/or donate belongings you don’t plan to take with you.

Commercial moves

commercial moving

Streamline your commercial move!

Although commercial moves range from relocating a small business to a large plant, here are tips that apply across the spectrum:

  • Hire cleaners a month or two before the move if you’ll need help with that work.
  • Let your vendors know, at least one month before your moving date – but preferably earlier – about your new location, so supplies go to the right place.
  • Update your website, email signatures, business cards and the like a week or two before the move. Send an email to anyone who needs to know about your new location.

Packing services

packing services

De-stress! Packing tips that really work

Here are more tips!

  • Detach all cords and wires from electronic equipment and label them carefully so there isn’t a frustrating mix-up when you arrive at your new location.
  • Use extra padding for computers, scanners, printers, large screen televisions and similar items. Ideally, you’d put them back in their original cartons. If not, pack them carefully and mark them as “fragile.”

Finally, be sure to choose a reliable professional mover! Burris has been serving Southeast Texas since 1947 and we look forward to serving you. Request a free quote online now!


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